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Writing your review online is important and impactful. Leaving a comment (and photo(s)) of your experience helps let other people know what to expect. Also, this helps with the reach of the church in the online community as sites will suggest us to other people searching for a place to connect and grow closer to God.

Why leave a review on Google? Google is the most used and powerful website and search engine in the world. Writing your experience on Google helps reach a lot of people and helps them discover our church.

Why leave a review on Yelp? Yelp has become a standard for local businesses online that search engines pull detailed information from, including reviews. The suggestions that come from searching a church in your area are influenced strongly by Yelp. Your review helps increase our exposure and effectiveness for people looking for a church nearby.

Why leave a review on Facebook? Facebook contains approximately 75% of the US population on its platform. This means your review will have the ability to reach a lot of people very easily. Your written experience on our page helps Facebook suggest us to people in the area and searching for a church.

Why leave a review on ChurchFinder? ChurchFinder is a powerful niche church platform that helps people find churches in places where they live or visiting. They rank very high in search results for churches nearby or in a certain area. Your review on this platform helps people form educated opinions and actions on visiting our church.

Why leave a review on NextDoor? NextDoor is a platform designed to connect and interact with the local community. Your review helps neighbors and people living in the area discover and get involved with our church.